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By now I assume you have checked out the rest of our PathFinder Brain SPECT Imaging web site and you may have already noted this paragraph:


The approach at The Neuroscience Center (TNC) is to integrate the information provided by Brain SPECT in the workup process of refining the differential diagnosis of complex conditions presenting with multiple comorbidities (co-existing conditions) and very often treatment resistance. Examples can be found in combinations of multiple concussions, concurrent or not, with behavioral changes, development illness, substance abuse, learning disability or cognitive impairment and limbic type seizures . Often patients present after having failed treatment attempts for years. Even in these situations experience has shown that among the multiple treatment plans available at TNC, there is one or a combination that ultimately works.


Here I would just like to briefly comment about it because it touches on several key points:


  • PathFinder Brain SPECT Imaging is an integral part of The Neuroscience Center.


  • Brain SPECT is only one (albeit an important one) of the multiple components of the workup undergone by patients with complex Neuropsychiatric conditions.


  • Why is the word “complex” used ? For at least two reasons : 1. Because patients come to us with comorbidity e.g. they are having not one but multiple conditions. 2. Because most of the time they have been treated with multiple medications and other procedures, often for years , but the disorder persists . They are thus considered “treatment resistant”.


  • Once the workup has been completed the Neuropsychiatrist (Steve Best MD) is now able to provide a treatment plan, specific to the functional status of that particular patient.


  • Finally, The Neuroscience Center has the possibility to apply a variety of treatments (one of them unique), which is the reason why one treatment plan or a combination of them will almost always work, as the past experience has shown.


Additional details about TNC can be found at :   www.neuroscience.md


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