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Brain SPECT in ADHD with Comorbidity

ADHD patients are frequently presenting with multiple coexisting conditions . This accounts for the known significant treatment challenge in such cases . Consequently this represents a clear indication for the type of functional brain imaging represented by Brain SPECT. Indeed one can appreciate the marked differences between individual patients and the great variability in the amount of blood supply (color) to the respective brain structures of each subject. At the same time, the technique used at PathFinder , provides the high definition which allows the detection of detailed cortical and subcortical features, subsequently included in the report. This, in turn, represents the type of functional information sought and used by the referring physician for tailoring the treatment to the particular patient. It also provides prognostic information.

The figure below represents a group of 9 young and adult patients (ages noted in the left column), with a variety of coexisting conditions and treatment challenges. Each line represents the key images for each of the 9 patients (selected out of the 4 page final display).