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Future Display Type

As software capabilities develop (*), it is important to continuously improve the quality of our final displays. They should be comprehensive,detailed,accurate and.…user friendly, in other words displays must become a most efficient, easy to relate communication tool. This is not only for the benefit of the imaging specialist but also for the referring professional who takes care of the patient, for the occasional consultants and for the patient itself and his family, as the case maybe.In the previous series of static and dynamic images shown under the “Illustrations” heading a variety of displays are already shown. Here we just wanted to outline the latest way to display the functional abnormalities : The perfusion (function) levels detected by Brain SPECT can now be co-registered to a detailed brain template called the MNI brain (Montreal Neurological Institute), and then color coded using the same
sequence as in our other functional images. This provides the location of the functional abnormalities on an anatomically detailed structure. One more way of easing the communication task !

(*) Good Lion Imaging LLC , Columbia MD